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Delis Archive is one of the leading Russian archive companies that present full service. For more than 17 years we have been helping our customers to reduce costs and implement efficient approaches to document management. We have completed thousands of high-profile projects for both Russian and foreign companies. We can state that our team knows the ways to increase the efficiency and avoid negative outcomes. Sharing knowledge means making an impact on our partners’ business development.

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Attention to a customer, compliance with agreed service terms, implementation of cutting-edge technologies are the main reasons of our company’s success.
Denis Avdyushin 
1 190 000
9 780
12 000
storage area
years of experience

Full archive service

In addition to traditional services of archive processing and bookbinding of documents, nomenclature development, storage along with destruction of outdated documents, Delis Archive is involved into development and implementation of technological solutions related to documents digitisation and digital archives development.

Tatiana Skonina, customer service manager

I can explain the details of our partnership and help you to find the most suitable solution

Beneficial partnership with Delis Archive

Delis Archive solutions will help your company to:

reduce risks of document loss or damage during the entire period of use
create an efficient and successive process of documents storage and use
provide consolidation and presentation of information for timely managerial decisions
save significant amount of funds every year
Environmental care

Delis Archive company is environmentally responsible. We use an eco-friendly technology of paper shredding.

The only industry developer in Russia
  • Our company created academy for online and offline education for professionals in various business sectors

Academy website

  • Our team initiated the development of professional Russian Association of Archivists
Association website
Delis Archive opens an archive hub
27 January 2017

From 1 February customers of Delis Archive are able to work with documents within a new frame.

Ekaterina Grinevskaya, deputy commercial director

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about service or partnership